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Netfabb Private 6 - Professional Software for Home Use

netfabb Private is an advanced software for professional editing of 3D printing data.
It is licensed for non-commercial use only and features most of the tools used daily
by professionals in additive manufacturing and 3D printing. With netfabb Private
you can ensure that all your models will be printed with a good result and reduce
the risk of failed builds and wasted material.

Most CAD systems and scanners for personal use create STL or OBJ data but
the files often need to be edited for a good result. You may also wish to make
solid parts hollow or add text or graphic elements and other features to a part
before starting the 3D printer. netfabb Private will provide you with a fully-loaded
tool-box to do all this and much more:

  • fix complicated file errors
  • make late design changes
  • combine parts into one
  • hollow out solid parts into a shell
  • smooth the mesh to improve surfaces
  • reduce file size
  • edit parts on a triangle level to increase quality
  • add text
  • add graphic elements (pictures, textures, logos)
  • design and create 3D parts in full color
  • directly load your scans from Microsoft® Kinect® scanner into netfabb
  • create 3D parts from 2D pictures
  • merge parts together or subtract from each other with powerful 3D Boolean operations
  • cut out areas from surfaces and extract them
  • make design changes and add from a variety of included geometric primitives
  • Text and Image Labeling function

No matter if you are running your own 3D printer, or if you are using 3D printing
services: you will always get the best result if you use the best possible data.
The quality control offered by using a professional software tool like netfabb Private
will save you time and money and make your hobby so much more fun.


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NetFabb private 6

NetFabb private 6

3D printing software

  • Operating systems: Windows XP/7/8, MacOS, and Linux.
  • Supported file formats: STL, Color-STL, STL (ASCII), X3D, X3DB, 3DS, OBJ, GTS, 3MF, NCM, AMF, WRL, and PLY
  • Languages: English, German, Russian, simplified Chinese (简笔字), traditional Chinese (簡筆字), Czech, new: Japanese (日本語)
  • Educational institutions receive a 30% discount off the list price.

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