Ultimaker tool kit

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A toolkit with all the tools that facilitate printing and easier maintenance. The bag contains:

  • An angled pair of nippers for cutting the filament
  • A precision rod for trimming models
  • A Screwdriver for most screws on Ultimaker printers
  • A Phillips screwdriver fan screws
  • 5 pcs needles to clean the nozzle
  • A spanner for Ultimaker 2s locknuts
  • An eco-friendly glue stick for building the platform that is easy to apply and gives an extra fine surface.
  • Sewing machine oil for lubrication of the axles
  • A spatula to remove models that are tightly
  • A hammer to easily tap the spatula if necessary
  • 1 snap-off knife for trimming models

Supplied in a bag that is simple to roll up.


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Ultimaker tool kit

Ultimaker tool kit

Tool kit for Ultimaker maintenance.

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