3D printing

3D printing allows us to make any 3D model in a quick manner. Excellent for making prototypes to test if parts are working as intended. The technology is also able to make highly complex objects, which would be impossible to make with any other manufacturing method. Materials used are all sorts of thermoplastics, which guarantee good mechanical properties and resistance to heat and chemicals.


We use FDM 3D printing technology. It allows us to manufacture models cheap and fast out of a variety of materials. Used materials - PLA, ABS, PETG, TPU, Nylon, plastics with metal dust etc. The maximum volume of the object is 21x21x19 cm, which allows to print almost any object. If the model is larger than that, it can be printed in pieces and then glued together.

3D printing application

  • Manufacturing of parts - we can make specific parts quickly and accurately.
  • Rapid prototyping - an easy way to test if the part works as intended. If there are any inaccuracies we can easily change the 3D model and try again.
  • Parts for molding - we offer a special filament which is made out of wax, which is perfect for making molds.
  • Manufacturing of models and figures - 3D printing is perfect for making models and figures due to it's high accuracy.
  • Other models - do you have 3D model or an idea? Send it to us and we'll print it!

How to order?

  • All you need to do is send us your 3D model to info@gaminu.com and we'll send you and email with the price and an approximate date of manufacture.

Have any questions?

  • Not sure if 3D printing can make the model you desire? Don't know which material to use? Don't have a 3D model?
  • Write us an email and we'll answer all of your questions and provide advice!

Tips for choosing a model

  • Model has to be .stl format. If you're having trouble with it. We will do it for you

  • The 3D model should be in .stl format. If you have the file in other format, we'll convert the file for you!

  • Don't have a model? You can choose one from sites such as ThingiverseMyMiniFactory or make your own with programs like Fusion360 or TinkerCAD.

Our printed models

Automatic snail growing system

Human busts

Architectural visualizations

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